Development of competencies of the young people, to effectively evaluate youth policies and services in their communities, promotion of empowerment, civic participation, active involvement of young people and support for the creation of youth friendly communities is in the focus of the project “Youth Friendly Communities: Loading” that is being implemented by Youth Alliance – Krusevo, with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

While working on field, mapping their communities and debating potential reforms and initiatives, young people from Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy from 10th till 15th of April, in Krusevo, Macedonia will work on how to increase the quality of youth services and policies.

The main added value of doing this activity at an international level is the opportunity of sharing experiences and practices across the countries. Also, the consortium believes that in today’s Europe is vital to support cooperation among countries, aiming towards exchanging good practices. It is an essential step necessary, to improve the practices and policies on European level”, says Biljana Stojcheska from the Youth Alliance – Krusevo team.

During 7 months, Youth Alliance – Krusevo, as a leading organizations together with partner organizations from Bulgaria (IRRSA), Romania (EuroDEMOS), Serbia (Pirot e Publika), Montenegro (CAZAS), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Youth Council Kljuc), Kosovo (INFINIT) and Italy (EuroDemos Youth Mobility NGO) will actively work in the process of development of Youth Friendly Communities through cooperation with youth organizations in the region and in Europe.

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